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FUN DIVE (Day time)

There will be 2 dives at two different points so you have the opportunity to get to know our island even more. The duration is around 50 to 60 min. or 50 bar.

Maximum depths can vary between 11 to 17 meters according to the point.

Divers will go in separate groups from baptisms and always guided by an Instructor or Divemaster;

Tour Includes:

- 2 air tanks (200bars) and weight belt;

- Dive equipment (Fins, wetsuit, BCD, Regulator and mask)

- Water and soda;

- One round of fruits and cookies;

- Ice cooler for pouring drinks;

Departure: 09h00 - Return: +/- 15h00

*Dive points are chosen according to weather conditions and visibility.

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Caribbean waters in Brazil, come and check it out ...

    With incredible visibility that can reach more than 20 meters and a pleasant temperature that can vary from 20 degrees in winter to 29 degrees in summer, does not let the island "lose" to any Caribbean Island. All this right here just 155 km from Rio de Janeiro. With so much natural beauty could not be different, Ilha Grande is a true diving park that is still being discovered by our divers.

Beginner Divers : find on Ilha Grande a perfect spots to make their first normally initiated near-shore dives with calm waters and a steadily increasing depth contribute to a slow descent and thus gain confidence to continue diving.

Experienced divers : on the islands have a rich marine fauna with a large number of species that are found early in the dive such as seahorses, turtles, octopus, the famous Cuió and much more. Its clear waters enchant all its divers.

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Discover Ilha Grande Dive secrets

    Already well known to foreign divers, Ilha Grande is becoming increasingly popular among the national diver community. Dive spots can be found all around the island, pleasures from novice to experienced divers.

     The dives are concentrated in the north and south faces of the island, with totally different diving characteristics, changing not only the marine fauna, the relief, but also the “styles” of diving.

     “ NORTH  PART”

Facing to the continent and  regardless of sea conditions, it is possible to dive all year long. Points such as Green Lagoon, Sitio Forte, Bananal and Blue Lagoon are always available for diving.



It is not enough to want, it is necessary to have good weather and sea conditions to dive here. As facing to the open sea. These dive sites are the most desired by the most experienced divers because they're deeper and have a  wide variety of dive styles with wrecks, caves, and much more. So to dive at places like Meros, Dois Rios, Lopes Mendes point or On the famous Jorge Grego Island you have to be in the right place at the right time. As local divers say, “You don't choose to dive in the South, but it chooses your divers.”

Scuba Gear
Peixe Morcego
Cavalo Marinho
Bolacha do Mar
BCD Cressi
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